The Kitchen Design Process

At Founder’s Choice, we help you to build a space that is everything you want, as well as being everything you need. Before being installed, your new space will go through several hands to ensure that you get the perfect kitchen.


Meet your Personal Designer

Your personal designer works directly with you in designing the perfect space.

Think of them as your personal project manager through the remodel process. They will measure & design your space, then manage your order through the entire production process.


Inspection by our in-house Engineers

Your personal designer works with our engineering team to customize our cabinets to fit your needs and space.


Cabinets built to order

Engineering forwards your order to our assembly specialists, who construct your new cabinetry here at our local Tacoma manufacturing facility.


Finishing your cabinetry

Cabinets are finished with your chosen stain, paint, or glaze at the same Tacoma facility in which they were constructed.


Cutting your countertops

While your new kitchen cabinets are being constructed, your countertops are cut to the template made at your house to specifically fit your kitchen.


Professional Installation

Once they have been delivered, our dedicated install team will install your new cabinets and countertops to ensure a perfect fit for your kitchen.



Dedicated Maintenance Team

Did we mention that your Founder’s Choice Install comes with a lifetime warranty on your new cabinets? If you ever need any maintenance down the road, our trained service team is ready to help!



Meet your Designer

Ready for a stress-free kitchen remodel? Schedule your Free Design Consultation today and get started on your project!