Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Design for the Cooking Enthusiast

Countertop space and organization is key to every culinary artist. The right tools, that are easily accessible, for when inspiration strikes, the space to multi-task prepping and cooking, and a space that cleans up easily after your final your encore. Cabinet accessories provide storage for many on-counter tools and cooking staples without sacrificing easy accessibility.

Maximize Countertop Space

In no particular order, we discuss the highly recommended cabinet accessories that maximize countertop space.


Stainless Steel Tip Out Tray

A kitchen cabinet must! Perfect for all your sink sponges, brushes and gunk scrapers. Available in one or two tray configuration on select sizes.

3”& 6” Cabinet Filler Pull Outs

A great addition when there is a little extra space you want to utilize but not quite enough room for a cabinet. 

8” Cabinet Base Pull Out Organizer

On-counter staples such as flour, sugar and coffee can be out of sight but readily available with extra storage space for backup stock.

Mixer Lift & Stand

The mixer stand is by far the chef’s best friend. Easy to use and store all your accessories all confined in one space.


Cabinet Organization

With the invention of the next best frying pan or a kitchen gadget you can’t live without, cabinets and drawers fill up fast and can get unorganized quickly!