Solid Information on Solid Surface Countertops


Solid surface countertops have been around since the 1970s.  The point behind the invention of the solid surface countertop was to create a material, beautiful like natural stone but, non-porous like laminate.  Dupont was the first company to come up with a viable solid surface product: Corian.  They wanted this material to have uniformity… to look the same and have the same qualities no matter how you sliced it.

Granite certainly does win the prize for beauty, as it is a naturally forming material, but without proper care – regular sealing - it invites bacterial invasion and stains.

What are the advantages of a solid surface countertop?

·         Nearly Non-Porous:  No surface is completely non-porous, but tile, quartz, and solid surface come as close to being non-porous as any countertop material.  Solid surface's extremely low porosity keeps bacteria away, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary countertop.

·         Strong:  Unlike laminate or tile, the solid surface's material goes all the way through, from top to bottom.  As a result, it resists impact better.

·         Easy to Rehab:  Yes, solid surface will scratch if you cut on it.  But with the manufacturer-recommended sandpaper, it's a simple task to sand down the scratches.

Everyone is always searching for the perfect countertop.  There is always stainless steel, like you would find in a commercial kitchen, but is not cost effective or practical for a home kitchen.  Wood, laminate, and tile also have limitations:

·         Wood is porous, hard to clean, and can get slimy when wet.  Wood gets burn marks when hot pans are set on it.

·         Ceramic tile is non-porous, but grout is difficult to keep clean.  Tiles can crack when hot pans are set on them and chip if something heavy is dropped on them.

·         Laminate chips easily and warps over time.


Solid surface countertops are generally 33% binding resins and 66% minerals, such as a bauxite derivative or aluminum trihydrate (a fine, white powder which keep the smooth top of a solid surface countertop.)

Corian is not the only solid surface countertop brand on the block.  They number just one among many, such as: LivingStone, Staron, and Hi-Macs, to name a few.  Talk to a Founder’s Choice design professional today about the virtue and value of a solid surface vanity or countertop.  Rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom, choosing quality to last a lifetime.