Perfected Cabinetry Assembly

With over 10 years of experience behind us, Founder's Choice has perfected cabinetry assembly line techniques.


Table of Contents

  • Best Practices
    • Tricks of the trade we have developed over the past 10 years
  • Inventory
    • Interchangeable Parts
    • Inventory Sharing
  • Warehouse Setup
    • Tips for Storing Unassembled Product
    • Labeling Bin Locations
  • Instructions and Training
    • Order of Assembly
    • Video Guide to Assembly
  • Recommended Shop Layout
    • Birds-Eye View
    • Dimensions of Workbench
    • Dimensions of Tool Holder
  • Recommended Item List
    • Tape, Glue, Hinges, Staples, Nail Guns, Screws, Jigs, Bits, and Miscellaneous Items
  • Equipment
    • Saws, Drills, Specialty Tools

We've got your back through the entire process.

The beginning stages of developing a profitable, stable, and efficient cabinetry business can have a "Goldilocks" effect - one nail is too small or one is too big and splits the wood. These are unnecessary costs that our program will help you overcome almost instantly by skipping the learning curve. We've already tested which nail works perfectly for the job and thus, perfected a method of assembling cabinets efficiently.

          Our cabinetry assembly and distribution handbook is packed with highly-detailed plans and instructions, perfected over the past 10 years. Highly detailed information on best practices, dialed-in details, top recommendations, and a step-by-step process, all compiled into one master guidebook.

          This is the opportunity to purchase what we have learned over many years of research and trial-and-error.