Finding the right surface for you is easy.

Our talented Sales Designers will discuss your needs and help you narrow down our selection to the right surface, color and style for your space.


Fabricated at our granite shop in Tacoma, WA

Our goal is to make the remodel process as simple as possible for every customer. We fabricate our countertops at our shop in Tacoma so we can guarantee a high-quality product with the shortest possible lead-times for our customers

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Granite - Naturally gorgeous

Cut from the earth where it has settled for an eternity, granite offers naturally beautiful and unique color combinations.

As the use of granite has become more widespread, the price has come down considerably. New sealants have come to market and fabrication methods have advanced, making granite countertops more durable and affordable than ever.

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Quartz - Incredibly strong

Our Quartz countertops are fabricated right here in Washington State. They are composed of about 93% quartz particles, giving it a wider range of color and style than is found in natural stone.

With the durability of granite and the non-porous stain resistant surface of acrylic solid surface, quartz has become the countertop of choice.


Solid Surface - Convenient and versatile

From under-mounted seamless sink bowls to in-counter drainboards, almost anything you can imagine can be done with solid surface countertops. The non-porous nature of solid surface lends itself to cleanliness and food preparation.

Solid surface countertops are frequently used in hospitals and other facilities where a sanitary environment is top priority.