Countertop Fabrication

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we are experts at project planning and countertop fabrication. We keep our production in-house so we can offer our customers a high-quality product with short lead-times.


The fastest lead times around

Homeowners can often experience added frustration when they are living without a functioning kitchen and bath during their home remodel process. To help alleviate some of the stress of your project we have cut our lead times down as much as possible. Our countertops are installed in just 7-10 working days from the time we template; that’s usually half the time of other shops!

  •  Our turnaround time is generally ½ the time of other shops, just 7-10 working days compared to the standard 6 weeks.
  • We make an effort to template over your existing countertops allowing you to have a functional kitchen while we fabricate your new countertops.

Project planning made simple

When you choose to work with a company who acts as a middleman between multiple companies for your project you are often forced to manage conflicting schedules over a seemingly endless time period. Here at Founder’s Choice, we handle both the cabinet and the countertop design, production and installation to ensure that your dream space comes together as quickly and as easily as possible.

  • Select Founder’s Choice for your upcoming project and let us coordinate the details of your project for you.

  • Our countertop shop, cabinet shop, administration and sales teams regularly communicate with each other from the beginning of each customer’s project to the end, ensuring a quicker delivery and installation of your cabinets and countertops.



Stunning surfaces from reputable brands

We only buy from brands that are renowned for their quality and design. By working with all of the major stone yards in the area we can arrange for any color you like to be fabricated in our shop. In addition to our vendor program we carry 15 unique granite options in our stone yards at an affordable price.

  • We carry Caesarstone, Corian, LG, Livingstone, PentalQuartz, Zodiaq, and more
  • 15 in-stock granite options. We stock a wide range to ensure that you see more variety when you visit one of our locations.

  • If you have your heart set on a certain color, then we can acquire it for you from one of our partners, fabricate it in our shop and install the finished product in your home.


Hand cut and polished in-house

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality and affordable prices of our countertops and have the same high standards for our countertops as we do for our cabinetry. All of our granite and quartz products are cut and polished by hand by our team of fabricators who have years of experience in the countertop industry. By keeping our production close to home, we can ensure all of our countertops are high-quality.

  • All fabrication done in our shop
  • Cut and polished by hand



At Founder's Choice, we cut out the middleman by constructing our own cabinets as well as fabricating our own countertops. Want to learn more about our cabinet construction methods? Click the button below and learn about our process.