Planning For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

We want you to be well informed about the process of designing your new kitchen.

Kitchen Planning Guide

The details of the kitchen planning guide focus on mapping your space and understanding the options that are available, rather than choosing styles. This will help guide your designer to cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Kitchen Layout Design Grid

If you are feeling creative and have an idea of what you want your new space to look like, make sure to print off a few extra layout design grids to explore your options!

Getting started on your next cabinet project is simple.


Download our Cabinet Planning Guide


Measure Your Space


Consult with one of our designers

If you are replacing your kitchen cabinets, it may be a good idea to consider a new layout as well.

Let our experienced designers guide you through your kitchen renovation. Not only can our designers create an ideal kitchen or bathroom environment, they are also very helpful in the budgeting and organizational stages of your project.

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Get the extra storage and designer style you want for your space, with cabinets from Founder’s Choice. Working on a kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet project? Take the next step with your project, download our Cabinet Planning Guide to properly size your space. Working with one of our talented kitchen designers is simple, just contact us and see the Founder’s Choice difference.