Customize your cabinets to you

We offer an impressive array of cabinet features to help you optimize your kitchen to suit your needs. Below are just some of our most popular features, please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something that would make your kitchen more functional.


Pullout Shelving

On counter staples such as flour, sugar, and coffee can be kept out of sight but readily available.



A popular finishing touch to any kitchen, a built-in breadboard saves space and time in your kitchen.


Drawer Organizers

This unique design provides an organized way to store cutlery. Choose our two-tier option (above) for double the storage capacity.


Lazy Susans

The convenience of this classic in-counter turntable has stood the test of time due to its high functionality.


Trash & Recycle Pullouts

Keeping bins out of sight and conveniently accessible is a must for inline kitchen cabinets. They're the perfect add-on for kitchens, islands, and laundry rooms alike.


Mixer Lift

Create more counter space in your kitchen by storing your mixer and accessories all in one spot.


Want to learn more about customizing your cabinet?

Visit our manufacturing site for a complete list of doorstyles, colors, finishes, and cabinet features.