Joan's Story

Recently, it became apparent that Joan was ready to remodel her University Place kitchen. Her 20+ year old cabinetry and countertops were dated, rickety, and did not make good use of space... From completely unreachable cabinets above the refrigerator, leaving vertical space completely unused, and open floor space with very little thought given to functionality -- Joan got in touch with Theresa Phelan, a top designer at Founder's Choice, to come up with an awesome design for her outdated kitchen...

This is Joan's Story.

Alder, a straight-grained hardwood native to the Pacific Northwest was chosen for Joan's new cabinets in a door-style we call 'Old Town'. The rich color of this wood was accentuated by our 'Nutmeg' stain.

Joan and Theresa worked together to define what the most important aspects of her new kitchen would be. Then Theresa got to work...

What she came up with is remarkably elegant and simple, but packs many useful design aspects: New Livingstone® Solid Surface countertops in Ambrosia color were chosen. The idea was to choose something that worked well with the rest of Joan's home and provide a much larger surface area for cooking and other projects. Not to mention, easier to clean and maintain!

A clever drawer was added adjacent to the cooktop/oven for all of Joan's cooking oils, spices, and baking ingredients for easy and direct access. This drawer spans the vertical height of the countertop from the ground up; a neat addition! Additionally, a lower cabinet with glass doors was added to the design for storage of Joan's red wine, stainless steel cookware, and other commonly used items. Click any of the photos below for some close-up's!

To learn more about Founder's Choice Cabinetry and see what a similar configuration might cost in your home, please visit us! You can get in touch with Theresa for your next project by giving her a call directly at 253-475-5544.