What to do with all your Knick-Knacks and Brick-a-Brack


Who doesn’t love kitchen gadgets!?

I love to cook but I also love the next “latest and greatest” in culinary technology. Think about all the time you’ll save with Pizza Scissors, or a cleaner way to eat buffalo wings with Finger Tongs? Don’t forget the impulse buys, who wouldn’t want a Muffin Top Baking Cup?

We have all been guilty of buying a gadget that well, we might not necessarily have needed. Each gadget has a specific function and don’t naturally fit in the same drawer as it’s traditional counter part. They are a category all their own.


Organize the Un-organizable!


Alternating 6 Drawer Cabinet Base - Designed and Built in Tacoma

Used on the corner of a peninsula, kitchen island or along a wall, the Alternating 6 Drawer Base is a must for organizing and accessing those hard to group items. This cabinet provides a one of a kind accessible storage solution that maintains a uniform look.

These low profile drawers hold a lot and are the perfect alternative to stacking items in a deeper drawers.  The Alternating 6 Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Base is superb storage for entertaining and for the chef.

This cabinet is known for storing non-kitchen related items like arts supplies, games, office supplies, and more.

Java 6 Drawer Base island.jpg

Below are few examples of how some of our customers have used their cabinet.

6db numbered.jpg


  1. Specialty utensils

  2. Hot pads & towels

  3. Cutting boards

  4. Tongs (Yup just tongs)

  5. Pizza stones & paddle

  6. Silpats & baking trays


  1. Silverware

  2. Cutting boards / Trivets

  3. Serving trays

  4. Placemats

  5. Linen napkins and rings

  6. Tablecloths

Impulse Buys

  1. Specialty fruit and veggie tools

  2. Wine stoppers and tea infusers

  3. Fun Pot Holders

  4. Cookie cutters

  5. Ice cube molds

  6. Everything silicone

Like one of the gadgets? Here’s where to get them!

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Ready to build a home for your Tchotchkes?

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