Grit City Unleashed Stadium Bowl 2019


Supporting our community, dogs, cats, and hydration. We were fortunate enough to support the participants during the Unleashed Stadium Bowl 2019!

What is Unleashed?

Participants run the stairs in a competitive timed event or walk (untimed).

The race covers the entire Stadium Bowl, ‘weaving the stairs’ by running up one staircase, and down the other. Total steps climbed 814, total descended 814 for a grand total of 1,628 steps. The 2 Lap Option is a grand total of 3,256 steps!

Why do people put themselves through it?

To build character, connection, and community. Proceeds go to the rescue animals of Kindred Souls Foundation. Kindred Souls Foundation provides sanctuary to abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats, a holistic approach to their care, and education on the rewards and responsibilities of animal companionship.

The most amazing part of the event is the energy level. From the organizer to the volunteers, the individual participants to the teams, the vibe was a shared struggle and support for each and everyone. Knowing that the efforts from the runners and sponsors go to support those rescue animals elevated the mood.

For the time we were there, we were all one.

For more information about the Unleashed Stadium Bowl please visit and join us at next years run!!

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