Meeting tomorrow's entrepreneurs at Washington Middle School


At one middle school in Olympia, the staff are going beyond teaching the basic Math and English courses. Instead they offer students the opportunity to get started in their career early on, learning the fundamentals of business and marketing. In their Tech Arts/Marketing class, students create their own products, digitally sketch isometric drawings, and even learn how to use a variety of hand and power tools to build their creation themselves.

Instructor Brian Morris invited out several members of our Sales and Marketing teams to educate the students on what it’s like marketing products in the real world. During our visit we were able to watch the students work with their “Business Partners” figuring project cost, sketching products, and then developing them in the workshop.

Maybe the most amazing part about this program is that the students are actually actively marketing their products to their community. By selling handmade tiki torches, chalkboards, phone amplifiers and more the students are able to fund the materials and machinery for the class, all while learning important lessons in marketing and sales.

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