Design Highlight - The modern galley kitchen


Modern kitchens are the epitome of clean lines and open space. But with all of that open space, a lack of storage can be a big problem.

By adding a few simple solutions - and some help from your personal Kitchen Designer - your kitchen can still be functional, modern space!


Clutter-free prep space

Rhonda & Tony wanted their kitchen to be the perfect open, modern space for entertaining guests. The best part about this kitchen was the plentiful open prep space. By removing the upper cabinets on this side of the kitchen and adding floating shelves, the kitchen looks like an open concept design, despite being a classic galley-style kitchen.


For your home:

If you have a small kitchen, consider leaving wall cabinets off of the plan when remodeling your kitchen. By leaving one wall clear of cabinets, you’ll be able to visually make the room appear bigger. And if you’re worried about losing too much storage space, just add a few floating shelves!

Wall-to-wall pantry cabinets

Removing an entire wall’s worth of cabinets may mean a major loss of storage for most kitchens. However, this kitchen more than makes up for it with wall to wall pantry cabinets along the back of the room.

These cabinets also served as a functional way for Rhonda to be able to display her collection of serving dishes and china. Her designer was able to come up with a solution of maximize storage, while still leaving her with a beautiful, modern kitchen.

For your home:

Maximize your storage with floor to ceiling pantry cabinets. These cabinets make use of every single inch of vertical space in your kitchen, allowing you to store more items. If your kitchen space is on the smaller side, consider adding glass fronts to all or a few of the cabinets to break up the space.


Built in bar

A built-in bar adds the final touch onto Rhonda and Tony’s dining room. Beautiful, glass front cabinetry extends the width of the cove to display stemware, wine collections and more.


For your home:

If you love to entertain (or just have a huge wine selection) make the most out of tucked away corners by adding in a built in bar. On top of being amazingly functional, a built in bar does a lot to pull a space together, making it feel more finished.

Are you ready to start in on your own kitchen remodel? Contact a Founder’s Choice designer today! We’d be more than happy to help you design the perfect space.