Sharing Guidance with Tacoma Schools Career Program


We are so excited to be part of this program that helps students engage in hands-on learning throughout a variety of career fields. Students can earn credit, gain experience, obtain valuable Industry Recognized Certificates. These certificates can lead to immediate employment in various high demand career pathways, and in some cases earn money.  

Over the past few months, Founder’s Choice has been selected to be on a guidance committee for Tacoma Public Schools Career & Technical Education program. We have been building programs with teachers for Foss, Lincoln, Wilson, Stadium, and Mt. Tahoma high schools. 

The CTE Department is infusing resources into existing CTE classes, developing new courses specific to current industry demands, and expanding Innovative Certification Programs for afterschool and summer learning that partners with adjunct instructors that are subject matter experts in their career fields.

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It is the mission of Tacoma CTE to ensure that each graduating senior has attained one or more “stackable” certifications through coursework in Tacoma Public Schools; with a vision that each student will have a competitive advantage for securing entry-level employment leading to a livable-wage career. 

As a local manufacturer of cabinetry and fabricator of countertops, we are always looking for qualified personnel to join our team. Being able to share our guidance on the training needed to be a qualified candidate with further these students on their career path.

For more information on the Tacoma Schools Career & Technical Education program, please visit -

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