Today’s 10 most popular countertops


Countertops are like the crown jewel of a kitchen design. They accentuate cabinetry by letting the details of the cabinets shine through, or making a bold statement on their own.

Across all different surfaces and styles, we’ve collected the top 10 countertops for kitchen designs today. Read on to find which styles to consider for your upcoming remodel.

1. Arabescato - Pental Quartz

2. Tuscan Dawn - Caesarstone Quartz

Waterfall edge countertops

If you’re looking for a way to add a sleek, minimal look to your kitchen, look no further than an waterfall edge countertop! The cut gets its name from the way that the stone flows over the edge of the cabinet and falls all to the floor.

It can also be a great option for adding more texture to a room full of cabinetry.

3. Pietra Grey - Teltos Quartz

The trending countertop surface

Quartz countertops are quickly becoming the most popular surface for kitchen countertops today! They are composed of about 93% quartz particles that give it a natural stone look that’s not only attractive, but durable.

The manufacturing process allows for a wider range of color and style than is found in natural stone. With the durability of granite and the non-porous stain resistant surface of acrylic solid surface, quartz has become the countertop of choice.

4. Swanbridge - Cambria Quartz

Bright, clean designs

Read any modern kitchen design blog, and you’ll see tons of pristine, white kitchens. And why not? They look cleaner, bring in more light, and flow well with any accent color you want to add in.

Cambria Swanbridge is the perfect choice for any kitchen with a white color scheme. Its light styling adds the perfect amount of texture to a kitchen.

5. Coral Gold - Founder’s Choice In-stock Granite

Granite - Coral Gold 3cm polished.jpg

6. Nero Mist Honed - Founder’s Choice In-stock Granite

Granite - Nero Mist Honed 3cm.jpg

Natural surfaces

Of course, if you’re looking to bring a more natural look into your home, there’s nothing better than a granite countertop. Cut from the earth where it has settled for an eternity, each granite slab has it’s own unique patterns and coloring. This means that no two granite countertops are ever exactly the same.

Because of the variations, it’s incredibly important to see your slab in person before you buy it. That way there won’t be any surprises when your countertop is installed. If you’re interested in browsing options, visit one of our granite yards in Fircrest and Tacoma.

7. Caraway - Staron Solid Surface


8. Sand Storm - Corian Solid Surface


Clean and uniform

Solid surface countertops often are picked for their uniform color patterns, and durable nature. This makes them complementary to a wide variety of different color schemes and styles. Staron’s Caraway and Corian’s Sand Storm are two perfect examples!

9. Roxwell - Cambria Quartz

10. Amadeus - Founder’s Choice In-stock Granite

Granite - Amadeus 3cm.jpg

Statement pieces

If you’re looking for something a little more bold, try Cambria’s Roxwell quartz or our very own Amadeus granite. These options add a bold pop of texture into your kitchen, sure to wow your guests. Both granite and quartz are also famously easy to maintain and add quite a bit of value to your home.

Ready to find your perfect countertop?