Supporting our roots at Bellarmine Prep


Schools play an incredibly important role in forming a child's perception of the world. In their daily interactions, they learn about the importance of diversity, respect, and ambition.

Bellarmine Preparatory School provides programs in athletics, arts, and sciences to help provide their students with a well-rounded education. They also provide a need-based tuition assistance program to more than 40% of their students every year. This program lets the school keep their talented, diverse student body regardless of a family's financial ability, and is supported primarily through donations and corporate sponsorship.

As part of the Tacoma community, it is our privilege to support Bellarmine Prep in helping our children grow into well-rounded, educated community stewards.

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, Founder's Choice will be helping the development of Bellarmine Preparatory School with a donation fund of $5,000 a year.