Choosing the best cabinet doorstyle for your kitchen


The doorstyle of your cabinetry is not just the foundation of your kitchen or bath design, but the deciding factor of your overall style and feel of your new space. If this is your first time deciding on cabinetry it may seem overwhelming and that's why we have outlined the differences for the top five door styles.

Read on to learn and see the differences between door options that will help assist in an informed, confident style decision!


Slab doors

This style works great for ultra modern and minimalistic kitchen designs. Slab front doorstyles leave out a center panel, giving the surface of the door a smooth, flat finish.

Use this doorstyle throughout your kitchen for a statement piece, or just accent another doorstyle by using slab doorfronts on just the front of drawers. Doing so will add contrast to the featured doorstyle in your kitchen.


Raised panel doors

Looking for a classic look? Raised panel doors are the traditional choice for homeowners wanting a refined presence. Raised panel doors are defined by the center panel in the front of the door. The edges of the panel are often beveled with a rise and fall to create more intricate designs.

You can also pair raised panel doors with a wood type that offers “natural character”, shown to the left, to bring a strong rustic element into a space.

Old Town.jpg

Recessed panel doors

Also called flat panel doors, recessed panel doors are the exact opposite of raised panel doors. In this style, the center panel is slightly lowered from the rest of the door. Usually the homeowner will choose this doorstyle for its decorative yet clean lines and simple face. These characteristics make them perfect for modern and contemporary designs.

The Shaker doorstyle is the most popular type of recessed panel today. It’s simple style complements every kitchen and color.


Beaded panel cabinet doors

This door is a decorative style found in all different type of kitchens. The beaded panel gets its name from the vertical grooves that run through the recessed panel of the door. This style is perfect for homeowners who want something a little bit out of the ordinary, or want to add a detailed touch to their kitchen design.

The beaded panel door is found most often in farmhouse, cottage, and craftsman style homes.


Cut for glass doors

Although not technically a doorstyle, glass front doors are a popular accent in many kitchens. The glass panes serve as a great way to break up long walls of cabinetry. This is especially good for bringing light into a darker, stained kitchen.

Glass fronts can be placed in just a few doors to accent your kitchen, or used throughout the kitchen for a distinct look. From crystal clear to frosted, there are many options of glass to personalize the appearance of the door.

DesignJulianna Flanders