Design Highlight – A feature-rich kitchen with luxury cherry cabinets


When you’ve been in your home for years, it can feel like a kitchen remodel is long overdue. In Ken and Kathleen’s kitchen remodel, they had the exciting opportunity to give their home a fresh look, and change things up a bit.

These changes help a kitchen - whether big or small - to reach its full potential. That means a higher home value, and a kitchen that perfectly suits the needs and routine of your family.

Plenty of areas to showcase keepsakes and treasures

We all collect antiques and memories over time. The problem is, we don’t always have the space in our homes to show off all of these items! They often end up being sent to storage, or cluttering different areas of the house. Luckily when redoing your kitchen, there’s plenty of opportunity to create the display space your antiques deserve.

In Ken and Kathleen’s kitchen, there’s plenty of space to display their cherished heirlooms and family photos. End shelving on wall cabinets creates a space to put items that you want to keep in reach. And a china hutch is perfect for displaying delicate keepsakes that need more protection.

For your kitchen:

Creating space during a kitchen remodel is easy. The best solution is to build a hutch into one of the walls in your kitchen. This way, you can display pieces without the threat of damage. However if you don’t have enough room, adding a few simple shelves to the end of a cabinet run can do the trick. Just determine what features are best for your kitchen.

Rich, craftsman-style cabinets for a traditional feel

Of course, the real show stopper in this kitchen isn’t the shelving or accessories, but the rich, cherry wood cabinets themselves. This luxury wood gives the kitchen its warm, inviting glow, and makes it stand out from the white Shaker-style cabinetry that is common today.

Between the custom stain and the hand-painted glaze, our Grandview doorstyle is right at home in this kitchen. Its European-inspired design gives just the perfect amount of detailing to create a Traditional-style kitchen, without feeling too out of place.

For your home:

If you’re looking to add some warmth into your home consider picking cherry wood cabinets for your kitchen. If cherry is out of your price range, opt for a less expensive wood species such as Alder, and finish it with a warm stain to deepen the color.

Make prep work and clean up a breeze

Between the ample counterspace and a large island, Ken & Kathleen’s kitchen already had plenty of space. Nevertheless they decided to install more features to further the entertainment potential of their new kitchen.

The key addition to their kitchen was the incorporation of a second sink in their island. This enables a host to perform two tasks at once without getting tripped up by any mess being left behind. On the flip side, it can also double as a great prep sink or bar sink!

Another great idea to make clean up easier is to include a built in breadboard in your cabinets. By adding a trash pullout underneath, cuttings can just be swept right from the block to the trash!

For your home:

When remodeling your kitchen, practicality should always be at the front of your mind. If you spend lots of time cooking in (and therefore cleaning) your kitchen, add in some well-chosen cabinet features to make your life easier. Browse our selection of trash pullouts, sink tip out trays and more for some ideas!

This kitchen was designed and built by our Founder’s Choice team. Are you ready to start in on your own kitchen remodel? Contact a Founder’s Choice designer today! We’d be more than happy to help you build the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

DesignJulianna Flanders