A kitchen to be thankful for - by Thanksgiving Day!


Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? It can be nerve-racking to entertain your in-laws at your home! You’ll already be balancing your concerns with your cleaning skills and what they think about your meal, so why not let us handle the kitchen? Owning a brand-new kitchen by Thanksgiving is easier than you think! You may be thinking, "November is months away. There’s plenty of time!"

Not exactly! For a successful kitchen remodel, you want to allow plenty of time to plan up front to avoid any costly delays or surprises. Follow our timeline and you’ll be guaranteed to have a kitchen worthy of your in-laws approval by Turkey Day.

Follow our timeline here to make sure that you have your new kitchen in before Thanksgiving Day.

Follow our timeline here to make sure that you have your new kitchen in before Thanksgiving Day.


Planning Out Your Thanksgiving Vision

First things first, let’s collaborate!  What are your wants and needs?  Are you looking for a simple update of your current materials (remodel) or will we be re-configuring or expanding your current space (renovation)?  There is time and cost associated with each version.

We will take a tour of your space and provide you with rough budget and time ranges for each scenario.  If we are in line with what you are prepared to invest, we can proceed to our design phase.


Confirm Your Design

The design phase covers the overall layout of your kitchen.  We may suggest several designs that fit your space, needs, and budget.  Each design will have a more precise budget range to help you make the best decision for you and your family.  This phase takes on average between 3-4 weeks…and we encourage lots of personal contact to ensure you receive the absolute best kitchen design possible.


What to Expect When You're Expecting...

After the design phase we will sign a fixed price contract.  Then we will order all of the materials.  When we have a confirmed date for the materials to be completed, we can begin demolition…and then quickly move into installation of cabinetry and new countertops.   A custom reconfigure or expanded kitchen may require a little more time to have your contractor outfit the new layout for wiring and plumbing.

What does this mean for your Thanksgiving timing?  Let’s go backwards. If we want to complete installation by November 15th – we need at least a week for demolition and installation. So we must begin demolition around early November.  We need 6-8 weeks to order materials so we should sign our fixed price contract by September 20th.  It takes 2-3 weeks during the design phase so we must start selections early September.