Stain vs. Paint - Which cabinet finish is right for me?


When designing your kitchen, the cabinet finish you choose will be the first thing that catches the eye when you look at your kitchen. The most popular options are stains and paints which come in many varieties. There are benefits to each and you can easily decide the best fit for you and the style of your home.

SMA Final Kitchen 11 - corner window 2.jpg


Staining brings out the natural grain in the wood. Stains vary in color and tone, giving a natural earthy feeling to your kitchen while magnifying the visible elements of nature. We let the stain soak all the way into the wood instead of simply covering the surface. Because the stain deeply infiltrates the wood, the this cabinet finish is long lasting and prevents visible scratching. The stain supplies a clear protective coating which catalyzes to preserve to wood.

When dealing with stains, you can feature your selection of wood, allowing beautiful species like cherry and maple to shine.  Whether it's a natural stain or a rich merlot stain to add red undertones, you can always find what your looking for. When you can't find the right color in our selection of stains, we offer custom options to match your color preferences.



Painting creates a clean, polished look, covering the grain of the wood to create a uniform cabinet finish. Coating the outside of the cabinets, paint itself to a more dramatic and stark look. Rather than displaying the organic patterns of the wood, painting can give a modern and clean look. This finishing style ensures all your cabinets are the exact same tone and color, avoiding the variation created by wood grain.

Painted finishes also allow for more emphasis on the doorstyle by creating a smooth, clean surface. Paired with paint, simple door styles will often give your kitchen a modern look. More detailed and layered doorstyles can give an elegant, antique look. Like stains, when we don't have the color you want, we can color match. Paints have the versatility for custom options such as different colored doors from the frame. This customization adds a retro look to your space.