Planning cabinet heights


When planning your kitchen, its easy to be overwhelmed by all of the options. You've got choices to make on the flooring, the appliances, and even the wall color!

After considering all of these things, the heights of your cabinets may seem inconsequential. However, putting careful consideration into the height of your cabinets can take a project from bland and monotonous to beautiful and functional.


Adding Functionality

These days, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. In order to fit all of them we offer our standard wall cabinet in three heights: 30, 36, and 42 inches. Remodelers generally should choose one cabinet height to use throughout their kitchen. However, there are a few situations where mixing heights would be a good option!

Three typical cabinet heights

Three typical cabinet heights

Appliances vary in height and may end up being too tall to fit under the cabinets. For example, that fully loaded blender you bought for your new home might not fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. Rather than hiding it away in a closet or cabinet, you may choose to use a shorter cabinet to get the full use out of it!


Styling Different Heights

Too many kitchens suffer from a bland appearance. At Founder’s Choice we attempt to mitigate that in many ways. A popular defense is to stagger the heights of cabinets to help break up the monotony. This can be referred to as creating a "castled look" in your kitchen, and can add a grand appearance to the finished look of your kitchen.

Be careful when planning out this look though! Work with a designer to ensure that it doesn't end up looking haphazard.