3 easy solutions for kitchen storage


Many kitchen countertops become cluttered with appliances that we can't seem to put away as fast as we use. However, it is possible to have a functional and efficient kitchen that is also visually appealing. Here are three features that will utilize your kitchen storage while hiding appliances, ingredients, and waste in your kitchen.  


Cabinet Pullouts

No more reaching around in the dark abyss of your cabinets, searching for that one last ingredient. There are easier options for all your sauces and spices. Cabinet pullouts compliment your cooking and provide easy reach to your cooking ingredients. Pullouts turn your half hazard spice storage into effective and neat rows. This provides an organized and efficient kitchen during baking and cooking. Sliding right into your cabinet run, pullouts are a variety of sizes and fit in both the wall and base cabinets. Save time and space with this easy kitchen storage solution.


Cabinet Base Recycle Center

Many kitchens have that awkward trash can in the corner, intended to be out of sight but remaining an eyesore. Some try and solve the ugly trash problem by buying a really nice can, cradling their trash in decorative elegance. Even a nice can will look ridiculous when the milk jugs and banana peels start to overflow. The recycle center solves all these problems. Inserted directly into your cabinet run, the recycle center slides conveniently in and out. This provides easy access to you garbage and recycle cans and improving kitchen organization. Best of all, this specialized cabinet merges perfectly with your cabinet run, camouflaging your trash.


Mixer Stand

The mixer stand provides a great way to save counter space and hide your trusty mixer from sight. Instead of having to lug around your heavy mixer, the stand allows easy kitchen storage. Your mixer will be easily accessible whenever you need it. Simply pull the mixer shelf back and up and watch it gently click into place. When you're done mixing, lower the mixer back into the cabinet and out of sight. The sturdy build of the mixer stand allows it to support your mixer with a full bowl full of your next baking masterpiece.