Adjusting cabinet drawer guides


Your Founder's Choice brand cabinet drawers should glide effortlessly on the guides as you open and close them. However, over time the wood of the cabinets may expand or shrink, causing the drawer guides to move out of place. This may cause one side of the drawer to stick out farther than the other. Should this happen to your cabinets, you may need to adjust your cabinet drawer guides. Follow the simple steps below to adjust your cabinets.

Step 1 - Removing the Drawer Box

Place your hands underneath either side of the drawer box and feel for triggers. These triggers will allow you to remove the drawer box from the drawer guides. Press them in, and pull our the drawer box.

Step 2 - Adjust the Drawer Guides

Each drawer guide is affixed to the back of the cabinet by a sliding plastic clip. These are normally centered, but can move to the left or right over time. Reach to the back of the cabinet and slide the affected drawer guide back to the center.

Step 3 - Put the Drawer Back In

Once complete, place the drawer box back on the guides. The audible clicks will let you know that you've secured your drawer back into place.