Acrylic Solid Surface and its Advantages

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Acrylic Solid Surface countertops (the household name would be Corian), are in our opinion one of the best options available. Let’s go through a few reasons why we think so.

Environmentally Friendly

Although it’s made of chemicals, not recycled paper, in the long run I would consider an acrylic countertop to be environmentally friendly. Unlike Granite or Quartz, Acrylic countertops are entirely man made, this means that you are not helping destroy a stone mountainside by putting it in your home.

Repairability, like a good knife you take in for sharpening, you can easily refinish your countertops just by sanding them down, cracks and fractures can easily be repaired as well.


Unlike other countertop materials, Acrylic countertops are fabricated so that there are no visible seams. Yes, the seams are there, but since it is a man made material, they can be made nearly invisible. The glue used to put the pieces together chemically reacts with the material, forming a perfect bond that is sanded flush to become “seamless”.

When paired with an Acrylic sink, this seamless all in one solution is probably the easiest and cleanest countertop option available.


When working with Acrylic solid surface, the material possibilities are almost endless. Since it’s a 100% solid material it can be carved, machined, and sculpted. Integrated drainboards, backsplash, spill proof lipped edges, and built in trivets are common design options.

Thermoforming is a technique used with Acrylic countertops to form to material into basic and even compound shapes when hot. Often used to create seamless shower basins, thermoforming is an advanced technique that can be taken as far as you’d like.

A favorite among architects and designers, you can make your countertop as simple or complex as you like.