Designing for Small Spaces


Designing For Small Spaces.

Small spaces can work for almost anyone if you spend the time to create a well designed space. What is good design? It means that before you start to think about aesthetics, you are thinking about the things you use every day. Do you use a blender or juicer regularly, or would you like to? Make sure you leave enough counter space to tuck those everyday objects away; if you don’t have counter space, maybe pull-outs or deep drawers are the solution?

Do you have a place for your spices? If you don’t use a dishwasher, do you have space to let your dishes dry?

Ask Why?

Although we are talking about small spaces, when you design your kitchen you will be thinking about space in your kitchen more than anyone else. The most important question you will ask when thinking about your kitchen is “Why?”; ask why for every drawer and door, what do you need it for, is that the best use of the space, how can it be better, do you need it in the first place? If you don’t spend the time to ask why now, you’ll be asking it later when it’s too late.

Less is More.

When you have found a spot for almost everything, then it’s almost time to stop. If you try and pack too much into a small kitchen you can make it feel much smaller than it is.